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It’s Like Digital Direct Mail

There are many aspects of running a successful business. Like most in the industry, you rely on traditional marketing methods to reach new and existing customers. Direct mail, cold calling, and emails can be improved with digital advertising.


Enter IP Target Marketing

By matching physical addresses to specific online IP addresses, IP Targeting becomes your secret advertising weapon. With IP Targeting, you can send banner ads to key households with unprecedented precision.

Your ads appear on all devices – home computers, tablets, cell phones – any device that someone uses to surf the web. Tap into the power of online advertising networks to have your ad appear on news sites, email portals and other popular sites across the web.

Target By Location

Geo-target locations for advertising. We can break it down to neighborhoods and streets. Pinpoint and target advertising to specific areas.


Target Previous Clients and Customers

We can take your previous client or customer list so you can remarket directly to them at an affordable cost. This can be your list of previous customers, lost customers, potential new clients, your direct mail list and more. Boost your direct mail campaign with IP targeting for greater conversion.

IP-backed campaigns are 50 to 100 times more targeted then television, 6 to 60 times more effective than other online ads, and have an average click-through rate (CTR) 3.2 times higher than industry averages.

Target New Movers

New movers are very receptive to learning about new places to shop and business services. Once you reach that audience, a new customer is far more likely to become a repeat customer. How many new customers can you reach before your competition?

New mover data refreshes twice daily and records are removed after 90 days. You can target new movers as soon as the information becomes available.


Venue Targeting

Generate a digital B2B clientele with the IP targeting technology. Select locations where target populations gather, places like: college campuses, trade shows and conventions. Then we map the IP addresses of these locations and serve targeted digital ads on websites prospects visit while at the chosen venue.

Traditional media can be inefficient. With up to 80% of traditional advertising failing to reach your target audience, consider how much money you could save by getting the right message in front of the right people at the right time.

Digital delivery enables a much higher contact frequency than direct mail, TV, radio or print.

A Secret Weapon For Advertisers

Contact Existing Clients

Contact Existing Clients

Contact existing clients or lapsed clients. Target specific households with your offer.

Target New Clients

Target New Clients

Reach out to new targets and leads with targeted messaging.

Enhance a Mailing

Enhance a Mailing

Combine IP Targeting with a direct mail campaign to reinforce your message.

For the cost of single mailing, you can display your ad to a household 30 X 50 times.

IP Targeting Cost Estimator

Get a price estimate and contact us to set up an ad campaign.


Frequently Asked Questions

What does this ad service do?
Through a unique series of patented technologies, you can precisely target households online using banner ads, display ads and video. Geo-targeting uses groups of IP addresses to target an area. IP Targeting uses individual IP addresses to target specific households.

Who can I target through IP Targeting?
You can target previous customers, new leads or addresses from other sources. Send us your address list, we will run it through for matches, then we can set up an ad campaign to reach them.

What is New Mover IP Targeting?
New Mover Targeting is perfect for restaurants, salons, carwashes, dentists, health care, auto repair, HVAC, yard services and home services. You will automatically reach new movers and target those households for a 90 day window. As they drop off, new targets are added automatically. You can also directly IP Target households through an address list, zip code list, map location, or specific business locations (like a stadium or airport). There are several advantages to New Mover Targeting, including:

  • Reach new customers first. System updates twice daily, allowing you to reach New Movers almost immediately.
  • Enhances the effectiveness of direct mail campaigns.
  • Improved conversion rates.
  • Targeted and cost effective.

Where will my ads appear?
We have access to place ads on over 1,000,000 websites that include 30-50 billion advertising impressions per day. Popular sites where your ads can appear include FoxNews, MSN, CNN, and Yahoo!

Can I control who sees my ads?
Yes. This is one of the primary benefits of the IP Targeting platform. Your ads are targeted to new mover households with laser-like accuracy.

Does the system use cookies?
No. The IP addresses of your targeted households are already known, so there is no need to use cookies for primary targeting. No one needs to visit your website first - you reach out to prospects directly.

What sort of reporting can I get?
We provide reports that include impressions served, clicks, conversions and click-through rate (CTR). We can tag your landing page link so you can further track visitors through your site analytics.

What size ads are used?
Creative should be within the following dimensions (below). We recommend that clients generate at least one creative in each size to maximize available ad inventory. While we can run campaigns with fewer sizes, it will limit the inventory available to us and may result in the campaign taking longer to serve the ads you purchased.

  • 300x250 (pixels)
  • 728x90 (pixels)
  • 320x50 (pixels)
  • 160x600 (pixels)
  • 300x50 (pixels)

Can you prepare the ads for me?
Yes! For your ad campaign, we will create a set of ad creatives for you.

Can I make sure my ads do not appear on specific sites?
Yes, by default we will not serve ads on adult or “vice” sites. Additionally, sites with a history of low quality or fraudulent traffic are also eliminated.

How should I measure success from my IP targeting campaign?
We encourage our customers to focus less on clicks and more on conversions. Additionally, our most compelling return on investment data comes from post-campaign match-back analysis. Unlike most forms of online marketing, we start a typical campaign with a target list of customers or prospects. By comparing this list to your list of actual sales is one of the most effective methods to determine the efficacy of an individual campaign.

Do I need to have my logo on my ad?
Yes, to be displayed via a demand-side platform (DSP), ads need pass a 3rd party audit. One requirement is that some form of identification be visible on each advertisement. This can be your logo or the name of your organization.

Should I use this service for my entire advertising needs?
No, IP Targeting is a part of an integrated media plan. We simply replace a portion of your traditional media spend and make it more effective.

Is there a setup fee?
No! Plus, we will also create a set of display ads for you - for FREE!

What if I have more questions?
Fill out the cost estimator form above or contact us. We look forward to working with you!

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