Daley Professional Web Solutions, a Hudson Valley-based web development and marketing firm, announces that is now provides IP Targeting Marketing for HVAC and fuel delivery companies.

Through patented technologies, advertisers can precisely target households online using banner ads, display ads and video. Geo-targeting uses groups of IP addresses to target an area. IP Targeting uses individual IP addresses to target specific households.

There are several types of homeowners that this technology can target. They include new homeowners, previous customers and current customers for annual appointment reminders.

Banner ads with a company’s message will create awareness and reinforce other marketing tactics.

“The ability for a HVAC or fuel delivery companies to directly market to new homeowners gives them a distinct advantage over competitors,” said Shane Daley, partner at Daley PWS. “Once you reach that audience, a new customer is very likely to become a permanent customer.

Targeting past customers can encourage them to reach out to the company independently and will warm them up as a lead when the company contacts them directly.

HVAC and fuel delivery companies can use IP Targeting to remind existing customers of annual service appointments. This works well when combined with email and snail mail reminders.

IP targeted display ads appear on all devices – home computers, tablets, cell phones – any device that someone uses to surf the web. Sites where ads can appear include Fox News, MSN, CNN, Yahoo!, email portals like Gmail and Hotmail.

An advantage of IP targeting to place online banner ads is that the ads are only seen by targeted households. Advertisers are not paying for impressions and clicks of people they don’t want to reach.

“We’ll help clients set up an efficient marketing campaign,” Daley adds. “That includes creating a target audience, creating optimized landing pages, setting up tracking and the ad creation.”

For more information, visit https://www.daleypws.com/hvac.